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Medical Clinics

Each year a team of doctors, nurses, and other volunteers work with South African teams to host medical clinics which provide care to hundreds of people in the community. These clinics will often be the only time some of these people are able to see a doctor all year. The teams supply medicine, glasses, and other basic medical care to the community.

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Community Outreach

ACM is committed to actively offering support and compassion to the community in the name of Jesus. ACM hosts youth soccer tournaments, ministry rallies, holiday celebrations, literacy classes, funeral support and yearly medical clinics. These events provide an opportunity to reach children and adults who would not usually participate in ACM or GEC activities.

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Grace Evangelical Church

In addition to Sunday services and weekly prayer gatherings, GEC reaches into the community through home evangelism and visitation, orphan care, community Bible studies and prison outreach. The church is very active in the communities of Esikhawini and Empembeni, spreading the love of Christ in so many ways and remaining an active partner and supporter of ACM.


After School Bible Classes

ACM is committed to growing hope in the lives of children and young people. Hope is found only in knowing and following Jesus. In a place where the family structure has been devastated by HIV/AIDS and children are often left on their own, the ACM staff works tirelessly to make these classes a place of refuge. Small children learn that Jesus can be their true family. Teen classes focus on God’s love and acceptance, the challenges of discipleship and a Biblical approach to the pressures and questions of life.

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Dr. I.P. Mafu Academy

ACM offers a full day creche to the community of Esikhawini. Our services include running a large preschool for 3-6 year olds. The academy also nurtures a community garden to ensure the students have two nutritious meals each day and to offset cost of running the creche.

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